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Design for new websites and redesign for old websites


Design for new websites and redesign for old websites

Professional website design:

Increase sales
Like any beautiful wrapper, a beautiful website design makes the user want to buy at your company
Inspires confidence
Website design that inspires confidence to the company plays a key factor when choosing among competitors
Enhances Brand
Qualitative and catchy design influences the brand, allowing you to return customers again and again.
Website design will either bring you customers or push them away

Stages of cooperation

Filling the Brief
The customer fills out the Brief where indicates all wishes
Design development
The designer, based on the Brief, develops the design for the site, taking into account all the preferences of the customer
Installation instead of the old design
Instead of the old design, the new one is "dressed", while all the functions of the site remain unchanged
Discuss your project?
Indicate your project wishes so that we can evaluate the cost of the design development
What redesign is, why it is needed and how it affects website promotion
Website Design Development

Doing business online today is not so easy. Competition is growing every day and staying "afloat" is becoming increasingly difficult. In order not to lose profit, think about the attractiveness of a new or already active website - order website design development.

It happens that a person searches for the necessary information, but leaves the page without even reading the text. This is often due to the unoriginal or repulsive appearance of the resource. If the website design was developed by specialists, such situations are excluded. Professional web designer:
  • makes the site enjoyable for visual perception,
  • facilitates the search for information necessary for the visitor, even among many pages;
  • helps to differ from competitors;
  • simplifies and speed up the loading of content;
  • highlights important what you want to inform your client.

As you have seen, ordering a website design is, first of all, getting a trading platform that is convenient for visitors. And if there is comfortable and understandable for people, then they will make purchases / orders faster and with pleasure.

Use the feedback form to contact us and discuss your order for website design. A few clicks - and you will get the service at an affordable price. You can also contact us by calling our toll-free number. Consultants will tell you how to best design your resource and specify the cost and terms of work.

Website design development consists of several stages:
Analytical work. It includes a conversation with the customer, during which the requirements and wishes are clarified.
Drawing logos, icons, navigation buttons and other graphics.
Formation of a flash card website.
Creation of website design.

We are ready to cooperate in the field of website design with corporate and private clients. We have a team of diversified specialists with strong theoretical and practical training. Web design of any complexity and for any budget is possible.

Why is DvaCom?
  • We give guarantees for the performed work.
  • We strictly follow the requirements that the customer has written down in the brief on the development of web site design
  • We offer the best deadlines for your project.
  • We provide discounts and bonuses for regular customers
  • Professional web-designers, illustrators and programmers with specialized education participate in the creation of web design.
  • We work with resources of any type, on any CMS
  • Fast positive result after website development

We will help you to avoid visitors who leaving the site and to attract new customers. And it means that the cost of the services of the studio DvaCom for website design will be paid off in the first months.

Website redesign: what is it, what is it used for?
Website redesign - improvement, updating its appearance. Not only the shell of the resource is changed, but also often - its structure. Modernization is carried out, which is most demanded by potential customers, meets their needs.
Owners of web resources make a big mistake, considering this service as something of a secondary nature, done when possible, and do not require time and money. The design of the pages is one of the most important criteria that affects the company's income.

When do you need to think about redesign?
It is necessary if:
  • The site has been around for several years
  • You see frequent customer departures from pages
  • There are practically no orders / applications
  • Appearance does not match the corporate identity of the company
  • The company underwent dramatic changes (change of name, logo, new areas of activity, etc.)

When is it needed to think about redesign?
It is necessary if:
  • The website has been around for several years
  • You see visitors leave pages very often
  • There are practically no orders / applications
  • Appearance does not match the corporate identity of the company
  • The company had dramatic changes (change of name, logo, new areas of activity, etc.)
A person's first impression of a company is when he visits the page. And everything must be done so that the visitor lingers there. We will be able to change the look of your website so that its selling component is as effective as possible. At DvaCom, you can order a redesign in a variety of ways:
  1. Change of logo if it has become outdated and inconvenient to use, or company policy has changed.
  2. Correction of color schemes, fonts, design trends, adaptation to a modified logo.
  3. Adding new information or deleting old. More relevant headings and sections, modern images on a given topic, text articles appear on the site. Irrelevant content is removed, which helps to speed up the loading of the site. Search engines welcome this.
  4. The introduction of animation, which creates the illusion of interaction and has a positive effect on conversion.
  5. The development of html code, which is necessary for promotion in search engines.
  6. Interface modernization: creating a more convenient menu, resource navigation, search filters.

How does it help?

  1. Proper website redesign will improve user activity by 20% or more.
  2. People will start visiting the site more often and more time browsing it.
  3. The resource will gain credibility and trust from search engines. Today they closely monitor the appearance of sites, so your position in the TOP depends directly on the design.

Web Studio DvaCom is waiting for your applications!