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Implement edits of any complexity
Finalization of websites at any CMS system
Fix errors in the website code
Redesign the old websites
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Integrate with CRM, 1C and CMS
Website improvements
Each website requires permanent development and modernization for effective work. Search engines should "see" based on their algorithms that the portal lives, works, owners care about it. Improving the site is also important for users:
- Periodic, even minimal interface changes delight visitors;
- It is necessary to take into account the requests and wishes of users;
- a change in the quantitative or qualitative parameters of the visit requires adjustment; for example, the influx of users requires increased download speed and increased protection of information on the website.

The main types of websites improvements:
  1. Change in design and appearance. Correction may be minimal, but sometimes a complete redesign of the website is carried out. In the latter case, our company re-develops and implements the layout.
  2. Correction of errors. Our experts find bugs in the program, fix them. The ultimate goal is to work without freezes and glitches.
  3. Increased functionality. In this case, new modules are installed, subsections and subcategories are created.
  4. Change of the website engine to a faster and more reliable.

You can order the website improvements right now by contacting our specialists.

Website modernization
The reasons for the upgrade may be different, but the main one is obsolescence and the time requires changing the website. If you notice that attendance, sales are falling, then you need to take action. In the field of web development, new developments are constantly appearing that are being actively introduced; you cannot stay still and keep up with the rest. Digital business is radically different from the classic - here, in the foreground, new technologies and their proper use.

What is modernization and what is the difference from the completion of the site? Modernization is one of the types of refinement, the main point is a noticeable improvement in a number of settings. The site after the work of our programmers will reach a whole new level:
  • design changes significantly;
  • speed and throughput increases;
  • easier surfing on the website for visitors due to the clear location of the sections;
  • "screwing" of new modules, such as a calculator or online chat.

Our consultants will give answers to all your questions!