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Install and configure the SSL certificate on your website
SSL certificate
On all sites, a lock icon is displayed in the browser near the page address. It is green or red.

A lock icon or a green line means that an SSL certificate is installed on the site and all information is transmitted using a secure protocol.

If the site does not have an installed SSL certificate , it gives an error to all website visitors that the site is unreliable.
Why does your website need the SSL certificate?
The SSL certificate is needed so that fraudsters cannot intercept the personal data that users enter on your site. Personal data is logins and passwords from accounts, bank card numbers, email addresses, etc.

This means that the SSL certificate is useful for the websites of banks, payment systems, corporations, online stores, social networks, government enterprises, online forums, etc.

The SSL certificate is beneficial for the website owner: this way you confirm that it is safe to enter personal data on the site and you take care of customers. If a person is worried that confidential information will fall into the wrong hands, he will receive additional guarantees. Less risk for users - higher company reputation.

How we can help you:

Buy certificate
We buy the most reliable certificate that is right for your site
Install at your website
Install the SSL certificate at your website. The browser will display that your site is protected
Professional setup
Professional configuration of forwarding from http to https with saving the entire link mass (since google perceives the site with http and https as two different, you need to redirect correctly so as not to lose the accumulated link mass)

Discuss the certificate installation

SSL Certificate
SSL certificate is a digital security protocol for sites. In practice, SSL certificate is required:
  • to protect the data of the portal;
  • for safe data transmission;
  • to authorize the user;
  • for instant messaging.

In practice, HTTPS sites with this certificate are higher in the search engine ranking; they are more trusted by users, antivirus programs, and advertisers. It's better to buy SSL certificate for your website than to lose money from losing customers and advertisers. Our company will install the necessary protocol in your website upon your request in a short time.

Installation of SSL Certificate
Our company will help to establish SSL certificate of various types:
  1. DV— for domain verification. In practice, it eliminates the annoying warnings of your software when visiting suspicious browsers.
  2. OV - to confirm the organization and domain. Protects your data if the website is used for online trading or online brokerage, dealership.
  3. EV— for extended confirmation of the organization and domain. If multiple site addresses are used with a large flow of information.
Installing the SSL certificate takes time from several minutes to several hours. Price will depend on the task, but in any case it will be paid off for a short period with constant work on the Web.

What is the SSL certificate?
SSL is the most common data encryption technique on the Internet today. It is used to connect a specific portal (site) with a browser on a PC, laptop or smartphone. It is guaranteed that the transmitted and received data will not be available to third parties - hackers, scammers and other intruders or a simple virus. It is received the greatest application in various payments on the Internet - in online banks, online stores, social networks.

Theoretically, you can connect SSL certificate by yourself generating it on a domain. It requires a certain level of knowledge, but in any case, this procedure is meaningless: the browser will throw an error. Therefore, it will be most faithful to obtain the necessary protocol from a certified organization. We are ready to provide the SSL certificate at your request at any time. You can contact our managers by phone or online and get advice.